DON’T Use These VPNs to Avoid Uganda’s Social Media Tax

🇺🇬Uganda’s social media tax, from the 1st 🗓July, will force citizens to pay 200 Ugandan Shillings (about 💲0.05) *every single day* to access social networks, such as 🐦Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & WhatsApp. And while 200 🇺🇬Ugandan Shillings doesn’t sound like much from a Western perspective, this tax effectively takes away the poor’s ability to communicate & their right to free speech‼ But who cares about what the people have to share! What do the people need the internet for anyway?

Citizens have already begun to use VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to bypass the government’s tax. They think they’re so smart! Little do they know that the brilliant 🇺🇬Ugandan government is actively trying to shut down VPNs. 🇺🇬Uganda Communications Commission’s Exec. Director, Godfrey Mutabazi, said, “We have technology that will block the VPN services so that no one dodges the taxes. Different VPN systems continue to come with more advanced features to circumvent government crackdowns but governments around the world have continued to block them.” We are all so very terrified.

As a ‘public safety announcement’, under no circumstances should the following (or any other) VPNs be used if you want to pay your taxes. Not that you’ll be using them, but all these VPNs are free or have free versions… just saying👀.

VPNHub: _This is Pornhub’s VPN. It also has a free service._ 
HotSpot Shield: _It’s the top VPN on the market. Bear in mind this study was commissioned by Anchorfree – the company who owns HotSpot Shield – so take it with a pinch of salt. Bear in mind too, that it has been called out for collecting data in the past. It has a free version though, so do as you will._ 
ExpressVPN: _This is the service that tops‘s list of VPNs._ 
CyberGhost: _CyberGhost also has a free version._

Anyway, we just want to say, don’t waste your time trying to set up a VPN, it is every 🇺🇬Ugandan’s duty to make good old General Idi Amin proud and the dictatorship we have today – the one we’ve fought and died for.

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