Three of the Top 5 selling feature phones globally are itel mobile phones

Latest Research from Counterpoint’s Handset Tracker – Q1 2018 show that the global feature phone market grew 38% annually in Q1 2018.

Reliance JioPhone became the best-selling feature phone model in Q1 2018, Jio was also the best-selling feature phone brand in Q1 2018. It was followed by Nokia HMD, itel, Samsung and Tecno which formed the list of the top five brands.

However, in terms of specify models, three of the top five global selling feature phones are itel – itel 2180, itel 2130 and itel 5231.

Why are feature phones still around?

There are still around half a billion feature phones sold every year and these continue to serve the needs of the roughly two billion feature phones users globally. This is still a huge market catering to a diverse user base, many of whom still prefer feature phones over smartphones. The reasons for this loyalty to feature phones are as diverse as the user base, but include reasons like:

  1. Preference for simplicity
  2. Lighter, robust form-factors
  3. Longer battery life
  4. Lower cost

Some feature phone users also suffer from digital, economic or literacy divides and face barriers to adopt relatively expensive smartphones and data plans. In addition, this preference also stems from the fact that low-cost smartphones tend to offer poor performance and poor quality. Feature phone segment still has huge opportunity that remains to be exploited by the mobile industry.

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