How to Upgrade TECNO Phantom 6 Plus to to Android Nougat

TECNO Phantom 6 Plus Nougat update is finally here! TECNO promised and they actually delivered. We all know this as always been the problem with TECNO devices not getting upgrades for the next Android OS, finally they have had a change of heart and listened to the outcry of their customers. The Nougat update has only been rolled out to Phantom 6 Plus as at today and we do not know when other devices will be getting Nougat update yet.

Major Highlights of the Phantom 6 Plus Nougat Update

  • Upgraded from Android Lollipop to Android Nougat N
  • Added the Hi Theme
  • Added the snapshot function in fingerprint
  • Added the OneKeyTransfer APK
  • Added the Split screen function
  • Added watermark feature in Camera
  • Optimized stability and performance
  • Upgraded to HIOS 2.2

TECNO Phantom 6 Plus Nougat Update – How to Upgrade

  • Update size is around 1.7GB, its advisable you have a minimum of 2GB data before embarking on upgrade. You can use WiFi or a very strong internet connection.
  • Update may crash rooted devices. If you’ve rooted your Phantom 6 Plus before it is advisable you unroot it.
  • Ensure you have at least 6GB free memory space on your smartphone.
  • If you’ve not automatically been prompted to begin the Nougat update on your notification bar go to phone Settings > About phoneSystem Update and begin update download.
  • After you’ve finished downloading the files update it will automatically unzip and your Phantom 6 Plus will reboot.
  • It will automatically install the new Android Nougat in about 7 minutes.
  • Your phone is now running on Nougat and you can start exploring the beast that is Phantom 6 Plus.

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