4 Christmas Gift for the perfect Tech lover


Christmas is right around the corner, which means shopping season
is well on the way. Christmas is also the season to give and gift, so we are
recommending some great tech gift from this years best gadget collection. It’s
not just geeks who love gadgets: Your mum, dad, partner, kids, best friend and
even your grandparent would love to receive some of the gifts in our ultimate
Christmas 2016 gift guide.
Here are the most
awesome tech gifts this season;
The Infinix Zero 4
and Zero 4 Plus:
The Infinix Zero 4 and Zero 4 plus is the perfect gift for this
season. It is a dream phone for photographers and photography lovers, also
anyone that is looking for the perfect premium gift this season should consider
the Infinix Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus plus which comes with a 21MP megapixel
camera and a 4GBRAM with Helio Processor.

The Infinix Xband is a wearable technology that is smart and new. The
smartwatch allows you to monitor and burn that fat intake during this yuletide
season. With the Infinix Xband you can monitor your gain/loss, pedometer and
all other health features that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Users
can also share your fitness goals on social media with others. This is a
perfect gift because smart watches are trending now and it is a perfect
accessory gift.

Note 3:
The Infinix Note 3 prides itself as the battery beast of the Infinix
            family with its 4,500mah battery. With
a mere 5 minutes charge you can talk for as long
as 200 mins!! This is a perfect gift to
someone who wants to go on vacation during this
Yuletide and is worried about the battery
of his/her phone. Surprise that special one with the powerful Infinix Note 3 to
stay connected with you during the holidays.

Dual Noise Cancelling headphone:
The Infinix DNC helps you cancel all
unwanted noise around you and enjoy
that beautiful holiday song by yourself. The Infinix DNC is recommended as a
gift to the youthful ones and those who love fashionable accessories, who wants
to enjoy the musical side of life without being distracted.
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