Refurbished phone are phones that were previously damaged in the course of manufacturing. Here is how to identify them

Refurbished phone were previously damaged in the course of manufacturing them and/or are returned by the customer after being used for a while. So the manufacturer accept them probably because of the warranty given to them, repair and package them and resell it in Factory refurbished batch. This type is known as Factory refurbished phones

Another type is the one produced locally by phone repairers. They look for faulty phones, repair them and change their casing to make it look new. Sometimes, they try and produce a phone that looks like the international or big brand ones like Samsung, apple, etc by importing some smartphones from country like korea then attach fake box, fake software and accessories with them.

How to Identify a Locally Refurbished phone

This only work for big smartphone companies like samsung, LG etc.

  • Firstly, check the weight of the phone because locally refurbished phone tends to be lighter than original ones
  • Check the quality of the phone especially the quality of the casing.
  • If you have LTE coverage in your area check if the phone support LTE band.
  • Locally refurbished phone always give this funny sound when navigating or pressing the touchscreen keypad. They sound different from the original
  • The back-light are always brighter than the original ones. you should use this for samsung phones
  • Check the sound it give when switching on the phone. Korean phone makes alot of noise
  • Navigate to About Phone in the settings and check if the model name is same as the one in the casing
  • Check the specs of the phone from a genuine Android phone review blog
  • and relate them to what you see. Specs like: Os, Android version, RAM, ROM, etc

How to Identify a Factory refurbished phone

  • Open the phone dialer app
  • Type ##786# or *#*#786#*#* (it will take you to RTN Screen)
  • Scroll down to Reconditioned status
  • Yes – Your phone is refurbished
  • No – your phone is not refurbished but factory new

So that is it. Do not fall victim another time

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