Camon C7 and Camon C9; The Differences

I have seen a couple of people talk about the Camon C9 on their blogs and while I have also done a video to this effect on my Video Blog here.

Obviously, the smartphone no doubt is a great one with the following features to boast about;

13 Megapixels of Camera both on the front and back
Flashlight for the front and back Camera
Middle locating of the front camera for best selfie taking
T-Band functionality which helps you to monitor your sugar intake and others
Eye Sensor which is one of the most effective security features found on smart phones.
5.5 inches Screen Size for gamers
Full HD (High Definition)
Octa Core Processor Speed
3000 maH Battery capacity

The phone no doubt is incredibly slim and very easy to handle! Enough of the epistle about this phone! You obviously thought we have seen it all from TECNO Mobile until I eavesdropped that the smartphone brand will be releasing the Camon C7!!!

You heard me right, Camon C7!

Here is what you should expect from the Camon C7 and how different it is from the already released Camon C9.

The Camon C7, which will be a younger brother of the Camon C9 will be coming with the following according to my ears

High Definition (HD) Screen resolution and capacity
5 inch screen size
2500 Battery capacity
Quad core processor speed

Pictures are attached below of the device

Now, tell your friends; you heard it here first!!!

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