Free MTN 3G Data Plan Back And Better

I thought it was just my eyes deceiving me when I put in one of my MTN sims I used to get MTN 3GB for free back then and it was browsing.
The way it happened was that I switched my MTN sims because I wanted to call someone but not with my real number and after making the call, I forgot to switch back to my normal MTN sim.
As I normally use my mobile phone to surf the net, in my ignorance, thinking I had my personal MTN sim in the phone, I connected to the internet and lo and behold, it started browsing.
It was until later I discovered I was using the MTN sim I used to subscribe for free 3GB MTN.
So friends, you can try to put back your sim card into your mobile phone or modem even.
Go on and browse the internet. If you have things to download, quickly start downloading for I do not know when MTN will block it again.
Try various sims if one doesn’t work, the others might work. Go on quickly for this free MTN 3GB data plan because MTN is getting smarter by the day.
Will Free MTN 3GB Work on All Devices?
Yes! It will! Android, Blackberry, Java, Symbian, PC, Chinese phones.
Use it while it lasts. I will advice downloading so you will get the best of it before it ends.
For your info, do not send 2 to 131 with the need to check your data balance

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