Browse unlimitedly with Troidvpn on your Android phone

When I first saw TROIDVPN in the google play store I thought someone mistakenly spelt Droidvpn
as TROIDVPN. I decided to test it and discovered that IT WORKS !!!  It
is free and very easy to set up. The free version gives you 1 gig
everyday to use. Your phone must NOT be rooted before you can use Troidvpn. I am enjoying it.  Do this if you want to browse with Troidvpn on your Android phone
This works for Android phone versions 4.0 and upwards

1. Download troidvpn from googleplay store
 OR from HERE

2. Install it, then click on the icon to start it.

3. You will see the screen like the picture below

4. The only things to change are
*Server= any server that has UDP
*Rport= 500
*Lport= 0
*TCP= change it to UDP
*Remember Me= Tick the box
When you change the above things, it should look like the pic below

5. Click on CONNECT. That’s all

NOTE: You can change server if the server you are using is slow.

Source: Baba2023

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