Remove All Hyperlinks From Microsoft Word

Sometimes when you copy text from a webpage and paste it into Word,
it can be annoying when the hyperlinks transfer with it. Today we take a
look at how to easily remove the hyperlinks if you don’t want them in
the document.

Here we will cover a few different ways you can remove hyperlinks
from emails or webpage data that you enter into a Word document using
Paste Special and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Remove Hyperlinks in Word Using Paste Special

In Word 2010 we copied part of an article from How-To Geek, as you can see the hyperlinks were copied into the document as well.

To remove the hyperlinks right-click on the document and you’ll see three icons under Paste Options.

We want to select the third one to the right which is Keep Text Only…the text in in the document changes so you can get a preview of how it will look.

After selecting Keep Text Only, you can see the hyperlinks have been
removed. However, you’ll need to change the fonts and other layouts if
you’re not happy with the default of Calibri.

In Office 2007 under the Home tab click the dropdown menu under Paste and select Paste Special.

In the Paste Special screen select Unformatted Text then click OK.

In Office 2003 copy the text into the document, hover your mouse over the clipboard, click the dropdown menu, then select Keep Text Only.

Keyboard Ninja Style

If you’re a Keyboard Ninja,
an easy way to remove all hyperlinks is to use “Ctrl+A” to select
everything, then use the key combination “Ctrl+Shift+F9”…We tested this
key combination and it works in Word 2003-2010.

This will remove all of the hyperlinks and keep the original format of the text.


There are several different ways to get rid of hyperlinks in text
pasted into Word documents. The method you use will depend on your
preference and the version of Word you’re using…but the “Ctrl+Shift+F9”
keyboard shortcut works in all versions of Word and might be the easiest
way. If you always want just text in Word 2007, you can disable automatically disable them.

If you have a different method you use to remove hyperlinks from Word documents, leave a comment and let us know!

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