Addynamo Announce Sponsored Tweet For Puplishers

 Ad:dynamo is an online advertising firm, its a great alternative to Google Adsense, where advertisers get to advertise thier products online and the ads will be displayed on publishers’ websites or blogs who in turn get a percentage of the revenue for clicks generated through their
website or blogs. For webmaster who decide to make money online directly to their bank account, this is the right alternative for you.

Some days ago Addynamo roll out Sponsored Tweets. Where publishers can link their Twitter account & get paid by advertisers to Tweet. Also, advertisers can access influential Tweeters in real-time and instantly launch viral Twitter campaigns.
How Sponsored Tweet Works
If you have a Twitter account, you can participate as a Twitter Publisher with Ad:Dynamo. Get paid by advertisers to promote topics you support.
How To Get Started With Ad:Dynamo Sponsored Tweets
Simply register as a publisher on Ad:Dynamo.
Link Twitter – After logging in, go to My Account / Twitter Acount where you can link your Twitter account to Ad:Dynamo.
Once you’ve linked your twitter account, you will receive email notifications each time an advertiser has loaded a campaign for you to respond to. Accept or decline the brief & set the price you want to be paid.
That’s all..
read sponsored tweet rules here

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