3Good Facts about Airtel’s Nigeria 2Good Time package

Airtel Top Guns at the event

Two weeks back, Airtel
Nigeria, reloaded its flagship package tagged 2Good. This reloaded
package is called 2Good Time. The new package helps Airtel take services
to subscribers in traffic, lunch table  and party ground. All these at
just only  10 kobo per second to
connect family, friends and business associates.

Specifically, the operator said that 2Good Time,
has three special time bands : Traffic Time – 5am to 7am; Lunch
– 1pm to 4pm and Party Time – 10pm to 12.00am.
During these time bands, subscribers will enjoy special on net call rate of

Subscribers to the
2Good time service will also enjoy midnight on net call rate of 10k/sec as well
as 20 free SMS on their first N100 recharge of the month.


Airtel Nigeria’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, Mr
Deepak Srivastava even went further to say that his company will continue to offer innovative,
flexible and affordable value offerings that will meet the growing demands and
needs of all its customers.  

On a lighter mood, however. there are below the line dangers which
perhaps, Airtel forgot to  warn its teeming customers against, ahead of
time. A careless look at those three time bands would expose one to
grave dangers

 1.Traffic Time: If you live in a city like Lagos, for instance,
where the fear of LASTMA is the beginning of wisdom, I doubt if it
wouldn’t amount to penny wise pound foolish to pay up to fifteen
thousand Naira fine as the case may be, to LASTMA officials who would
quickly arrest you for using the phone while driving, just because one
wants to enjoy a lower tariff. Don’t even remind me of the hands free,
because, obviously an  average Nigerian abhors making use of  hands free
mobile devices while driving. For the benefit of our readers outside
Lagos, LASTMA is the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority. Its
functions overlap crosses that of Police, Road Safety and even Vehicle
Inspection Officers, VIO.

2. Lunch Time: I don’t know who would argue with me out there that Pepper Soup 
is one of the most preferred delicacies among Nigerians and Oh my God,
is it so spicy? Now imagine making call while taking pepper soup or even
after. A disturbing cough! shout for water and a waste of the 10k/sec

3. Party Time: Oh, there we go again! which club in Lagos would
one make calls conveniently with all the loud noise coming from the
giant speakers displayed everywhere? definitely, not Club 10-10, 11.45,
The Jam Base, The Coliseum. And the list is endless!
Meanwhile, everywhere now, the big boys are watching. the next
dancer away might just be one and after making the call, a deep hoarse
voice says hand it over! it happens every day here.

Maybe what Airtel should have done is to copy tobacco makers, dropping off such warnings like.
For Traffic  Time… please beware of LASTMA,
for Lunch Timedon’t call while taking pepper soup,
for Party Time….please mind the next man on the dance floor if your smart phone is important to you…
…And that was truly on a lighter mood!

Source:  Free TALK Africa

 Oke Umurhohwo.

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