Can An iPad Really Survive A Fall Of 400 metres (1,300 ft)

Say what you like about Apple devices, but they sure can take a hit. Well, iPads can. With their sleek design, myriad of useful and not-so useful apps, wireless connectivity (not to mention a hefty price tag) iPads are the Apple (hur hur) of every gadget lover’s eye(s).

So you would expect most owners of them to love and cherish them and to take good care. Not to chuck them out of an airplane. Not so in the case of two daredevil skydivers, eager to show off just how good their tablet protecting cases were. They decided it would probably be a good idea to hurl themselves out of a light aircraft, expensive toys in hand.

Then, at 1,300 feet, whoops! The pricey tablets were dropped and hurtled to the ground at an alarming rate.
You’d never guess it though. Upon reaching the ground and on closer inspection, it appeared that the protective cases had performed their duties marvelously, as each tablet booted up Angry Birds, hi-scores intact and all (probably).

Just why you would want to do all this beats me. But if you can afford to throw your iPad out of a plane, skydive after it, and have it be protected perfectly by the high-end protective case you no doubt shelled out loads of money for, then you should probably be putting your savings to better use. Just saying.

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