Tips for Getting High Points on Word Mole Game

Word Mole is a fun and highly addictive game that is preloaded on the BlackBerry Smartphone. It is similar to Bookworm, but it is much more challenging. This is because the possibilities for high points are virtually
endless. With each Word Mole level it becomes more challenging than ever to gain higher points and longer words, and the statistics can be saved for future reference.As the name implies, Word Mole takes place in a garden, and it is sectioned off by a grid. Each square of the grid contains a letter. The letters are used to form and submit words, and the longer the words are, the more points the player gains. Use the following tips for getting high points on Word Mole, and beat your personal score, or have fun playing and beating opponents. In any case it is highly addictive, especially for those that love vocabulary.1. Use Bonus Letters Before the Mole Eats Them:When trying to gain high points on Word Mole, form the longest possible words as quickly as possible by choosing letters next to or near each other. Unlike Scrabble and other word games, the letters all have the same point value
– unless of course a bonus square is chosen and used before the mole eats the veggie and the letter of choice. If this happens the word is cancelled and the word is deleted. This is a waste of time, so it is important to think and
move very quickly.2: Choose Letters Above, Beside or Below Each OtherAlthough the trackpad rapidly moves the
lighted square over each letter, it is still
quicker to select letters near one another. This is not the only reason for choosing adjacent letters. When letters chosen on Word Mole are not above, beside or below each other, holes form where the letters once were, and they do not regenerate. This results in fewer word forming options, especially when striving to gain high points.3: Reach the Bonus Level for Greater PointsGetting high points on Word Mole is easier than ever once level five is reached. Between level five and six is a bonus round. It has nothing to do with word formation. The player must move
the spade with the trackball and dig up as many veggies as possible within the allotted amount of time.4: Having an expanded vocabulary makes a huge difference when trying to gain high points on Word Mole. Two and three-letter words will not result in high points and subsequent levels. Always strive to form words at least five letters in length, and exceed your personal goal
time after time, or play against an opponent.
Your odds of winning will be far greater with a little practice and a lot of creative thinking.Do you have other tips we didn't write here? Then use the comment form to add.
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