Iphone Secret Codes

The codes below will help you to play with your iPhone in a way you have not imagine before.
These secret codes will
work on most of the Apple Iphones.
You can display the hidden information of
Apple Iphone and troubleshoot the routine
problems with the help of these secret codes.

Code Actions
*#06# —————————To display
the IMEI Number of the mobile

*#43# —————————–Use to
verify if call waiting is enabled

*#61# —————————–Verify the
number for unanswered calls

*#62# —————————–Verify the
number for call forwarding if no service is

*#67# —————————–Verify the
number for call forwarding if phone is busy

*3001#12345#* —————–Display the
iphone inner settings

*#33# ——————————To verify
whether barring is enabled or disabled for

*#21# ——————————–To
display the settings for your call forwarding

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