Hackers: Real Life Vampires?

I say Yes. Funny enough when it comes to hackers and there online activities many of us as come to relate them to the deadly vampires we see in our movies. But truly there are similarities among hackers and vampires, but you don't need to be scared because there are Good Vampires and the Bad ones.I stumbled upon a post that has the similarities between both a hacker and a
vampire so i decided to share the post
quoting it below."Well here is a article that I wanted to write from July, finally I am DOING IT!
Well if you are reading this article then you must be a Hacker or a Vampire-Lover or both like me (though I hate Ian Somerhalder for some PERSONAL reasons). As even a third grader would know that Vampires does not exist apart form myths! So if someone is obsessed with Vampires which is the best possible alternative to look at in real life? My Answer would be "Hackers". But why?
This is a small argument. I have some
comparisons between both and then you
people can decide for yourself!1: Speed
Well here take speed as merely speed, in
vampires case it is running speed. Like they run at super human speed and can outrun any car( So I wonder which Edward Cullen had a whole collection of it). In Hackers case the typing speed is superhuman, no body can type faster then them.2: Image
This one is the most likely thing seen in
Vampires case there are Good Vampires and Bad Vampires and same is the case with Hackers, there are Good Hacker and there are Bad Hackers. Bad Vampires hunt humans and Good one just harm the innocent cows, here Bad Hackers hurt the innocent users by
hacking there accounts or just Hack a website for fun on the other hand good ones do not hack any one like that they just experiment with there own computers.3: Tracking Ability
If you Google for the abilities of the
Vampires one of the most common is to track people. They can track any Human with their scent and hunt them down. Same is the case with Hackers they can hunt nearly everyone through the abilities. An interesting example is of Kevin Mitnick who was most wanted
person on FBI list but they could not catch him for many years finally another Hacker named Tsutomu Shimomura hunt him down and that resulted in Kevin's arrest!4: Night
Both of these teams work at night. For them Day is the resting time and useless on the other hand the night is for the work and live. Vampires would be killed by the sunlight (do not believe Twilight, the sparkling stuff does not comply with the legends) and Hackers are also in action in Night.
So this is my small argument that Hackers are the real life Vampires, they also comply with the Vampire culture of the small families and groups. They are more in common then in difference. So According to me, Being a Hackers is just being a Vampire.This article is also a message for Vampire loving Girls. Lady Vampires are not going to come so there are my Hacker brothers out there too, please consider them! This is just a funny part.Share this post with your friends if you find it interesting.

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