Factors to Consider Before Choosing a GSM Network

I would be very brief and precise with this post.Coverage:
This is about the most important factor to be taken care of before deciding which network to choose. Of what use is it to go for a network whose service signal is either weak or non-existent in your area? In fact, this factor is a given.
If, for example, you are in an area covered by Etisalat, but not by Airtel or any other network, no one needs to to be told that if you must use a GSM phone, you must go for Etisalat. No matter the cost of their service and other considerations, you have no other choice but to go for Etisalat. In a case where at least two GSM networks have active strong signals in your area, that is when you will think about other factors.Cost:
If you have, say, two service providers
that have signals in your area: One network is X, while the other network is Y. Network X charges 30k/sec, whereas Network Y charges 20k/sec. All other things being equal, you will choose Network Y because they charge a lower price for the same service. Consider subscribing to this website so you will have up-to-date information on tariff structures of GSM networks in Nigeria.On-net and off-net considerations: On-
net calling is when you call another
subscriber in the same network as you. Off-net calling is when you put a call through to a subscriber on another network. Infact, any telecom transaction, be it call or SMS, that
you conduct between another subscriber who is on a different network is off-net.Networks usually run a price discrimination regime which is in favour of on-net calls. For example, if you are on Airtel Club 10, calls to non-club Airtel lines are charged at 20k/sec while calls to other local networks are placed at 30k/sec. If most of your friends and
family, or those you regularly call, are on a particular network, you can enjoy some on-net call and SMS benefits if you choose the same network.Freebies:
Freebies may include free calls, free SMS/MMS, free data resource, and so
forth. Most networks in Nigeria offer some freebies. Some examples: Etisalat has their weekly 15 free MB and MMS, free calls and SMS, and so forth. Airtel has weekly 10 free MB, free calls, SMS, and so on. When MTN started their free midnight call, many people were attracted to the network. MTN offers
free MB and a host of other incentives. Glo also offers various incentives. The main reason I bought an Etisalat SIM is because of their free weekly data resource. I hope you have seen how freebies offered by service providers can attract subscribers!Can you think of any other factor that you influence your choice of network? Then share with us by making use of the comment form.

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