This is actually not a free airtel MB, we just want to let you know that airtel has launch its new internet data plan for just N600 (Six Hundred Naira only) a month for (50mb).If you are the type that don't have patience for getting free browsing, then you can enjoy this cheap Airtel Bundle.
To activate it dial*141*712*14# press send.
Note, you must have or load N600 on your sim card before sending. Also this package is better for people that don't browse the internet always, or for people who need cheap or almost free way to browse with 2go. But for
those that surf the internet 24hours a day, this Airtel 50mb is peanut.I would rather suggest you use 1300naira to enjoy 250MB for a
To activate Airtel 250mb, dial *141*712*13#
remember this cost N1,300.

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