2go Messenger On HTC and Windows Mobile Phones

Most HTC windows mobile users, would agree with me that the 2go messenger application on the 2go website is not working on the htc device and therefore making it seems impossible with htc but here i am going to share my experience on how i used the 2go applications on this windows mobile phone.

For those who still do not know what 2go messenger is, am just going to give you a brief introduction to what its all about.
2go mobile messenger is an application made by a set of people called 2go team for the purpose of easy chatting thereby making it easy to communicate with friends, loved ones and even foes through the application.
Now, lets head over to how to use 2go on htc windows.
When you visit wap.2go.co.za or www.2go.com.ng and you choose the htc model when asked your phone make, you might realise that the application didn't install on your mobile, so what else?

Move to www.sharemobile.ro/search.php, and when the site loads on your mobile, simply type in the search box 2go.cab

Wondering why the .cab? It is the file
extension for cab files and cab files are the only files that works for most windows phone.
When 2go files with .cab extension opens, choose your choice and download
After downloading, install and enjoy

Please Note: It does not have to be
sharemobile you can download the 2go for htc windows mobile phone, you can search at other file sharing and downloading sites but try to be specific in your search by adding the .cab or htc keywords.

Hope this helps. Have any tips? Share with us using the comment form below

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    1. It was working perfectly well as at Jan 2012 when this post was made. Thanks anyway for your comment, your feedback will surely make us improve

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