This Tweak Work wella on Both Phone & PC! If you want to Use it on PC, Just Scroll Down

Now we can Enjoy Browsing on Our Airtel for Free, For about 3 Months Now, The Airtel Network has been behaving very Funny nd

We have Noticed one of their Error again and now am sharing it with everyone. Though this Tweak has been Around and Some peeps are already Using it but i guess 90% of us are gonna find it Useful.

This Tweak is Called Bisday Tweak, It is Actually for Blackberry Subscriber but any Phone can Use it…
Pls i will Explain How i Used it on my Phone and the Steps i follow b4 it works for me, Pls for best
Result just follow my Steps.

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1. You must more than N200 on your Phone, Then text bisday to 440 [N200 will be Removed from your Account].

2. Then text unblock to 33810 to unblock it.

3. Then i was given 100MB and i was informed it will expire the next day.

4. Remove your Phone Battery and Insert it, Then ON your Phone and start Browsing.

It work with all Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola Phones.

» If you wanna Use the Stuff to browse on your PC! Just Follow the Subscription Steps Above, Then Remove your Phone Battery after Subscription is confirmed, Then Put the Battery back into your Phone.

» You can now Use your Phone as a Modem to Browse on your PC through Cable or Bluetooth and If you have an Internet Modem, You can Remove your Phone Sim, Insert it into the Modem and after Browsing on PC, You can Insert it back into your Phone and Start Browsing on Mobile.

» You can Browse and Download Unlimitedly! This is not a Bundle that Get Xhausted after sometimes or after a MB, Rock till Mama Call.

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